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Kimberly Zannetti, West Geauga H.S. - Guidance Counselor

LEAF is an amazing service to our families. They truly help to provide the financial link between students and higher education.

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Getting a kid to college often is a team effort. It is the result of dedicated teachers, committed parents, and diligent students, and sometimes it is the result of a caring community.

The Lake/Geauga Educational Assistance Foundation (LEAF) is a great blend of all of these elements. "LEAF began in 1989 with the hard work of a group of local visionaries who wanted more for Lake County youth. Richard Bates, Sue Dreitzler, Paul Holland, Bevery Dalheim, Wimp Moyer and Mary Ann Moyer were the driving force behind LEAF" said David Cowen, Executive Director. "Since we began our services over 20 years ago we have expanded service to Geauga County and today, their vision of college is in focus for thousands of students. The broad support LEAF enjoys from schools, students, neighbors and businesses has built a future for the students in Lake and Geauga Counties."

LEAF touches the lives of students in Lake and Geauga Counties, providing one-on-one college information, financial aid counseling and workshops, a resource center and scholarship directory, test preparation assistance, campus trips and LEAF scholarships.

"The personal advisory element really is critical to the success of our program, and to the ultimate success of these students," Cowen said. "It's a team approach that works. Together - with tremendous help from the schools -- we knock down barriers and build confidence. Together - with community resources - we find solutions. Together, we provide all of the components necessary for students to go to college."

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