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Kimberly Zannetti, West Geauga H.S. - Guidance Counselor

LEAF is an amazing service to our families. They truly help to provide the financial link between students and higher education.

Parents of high school seniors read our informational admissions and financial aid senior LEAFlet.

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Each year LEAF gives out thousands of LEAFlets to high school seniors. The intent is for seniors to take the LEAFlets home and talk to their parents/guardians regarding the content. We know, however, that many of the LEAFlets never see the light of day after they are shoved in a locker. That is why we have made the LEAFlets available on-line. Click on the booklet below and review it with your student. If you have questions, contact your high school's LEAF Advisor or call our office: 440-358-8045

senior LEAFlets 1314.pdf

The Personal Identification Number (PIN) has been replaced by the FSA ID! Parents and students can sign-up for the FSA ...