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Hannah Britton, Harvey H.S. 2014 -

If my high school didn't have a LEAF Advisor I would have been very confused with the FAFSA and Financial Aid!


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Executive Board
John Quinn
Quinn Advisory Management

Vice President
William Kraus
Lakeland Community College

Maggie Donnelly
Jergens, Inc.

Board Members
Judge Mark Bartolotta
Lake County Probate Court

Morris Beverage, III
Wernick Wealth Management Group

Jennifer Chauby
Eastlake North High School

Peter Clausen
Community Volunteer

Ray DelaMotte
Brandstetter Carroll, Inc.

Lori DiNallo
City of Painesville

Matt Galemmo
Geauga County Educational Service Center

Craig Ghidotti
Lake Health Systems
Dr. Michael Hanlon Jr.
Chardon Local Schools

Taylir Linden, Esq.
Lake County Prosecutorís Office

Trista Linden-Warren
Geauga County Educational Service Center

Robert Malinowski

David Merkel
JP Morgan Chase Bank

Dr. Anthony Podojil
Alliance for High Quality Education

Mary Jane Sanders
Lubrizol Corporation

Theresa Searles
Kinetico Incorporated

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